Sustainable Packaging


Before launching my brand, I was a frequent shopper of many jewellery brands. Each order, perfectly packaged in gorgeous little boxes & pouches but over time they just built up and I never used them as I have my own jewellery cases so they'd just be thrown away.

One of my pledges to building my business was to make steps to be more sustainable but still aesthetically pleasing because I know that was important. As my business grows, I have tweaked some things around, gained feedback from my shoppers and we are on the same page that minimal packing is the way! 

 Jewellery Pouches

All jewellery is wrapped in a reusable pouch with is a swede like material that you can keep your jewellery protected in, it can also be used to polish up your silver pieces and ring the shine back to them. 

Packing Paper & Stickers

Designed + Printed in the UK, we support small businesses found on Instagram to print our packing paper & stickers, both are fully recyclable. 

Orders with 3 up to items will be wrapped in one pouch, if you order 4+ we will split into more pouches.

If you wish to have items wrapped all separately then we ask that you use the comment box at checkout to let us know and we'll add names/ product names on the back to identify. The stickers we use are also easy to re-stick if you open them up to view. 

Gift Bags 

100% Recyclable

Add a "Gift Bag" to your cart, let us know in the comments which items you would like wrapped separately. 

Mailer Boxes

Made in the UK